The purpose of the campaign

Refreshing and improving the quality of the website on mobile devices. Improvement of organic visibility of Adentis in the Google browser. Which will ultimately lead to an increase in the number of clients in the office.

Idea and actions

We conducted a thorough audit of the website in terms of the Google browser. We have completely changed its architecture and used the latest solutions related to adapting it to the Google algorithm and robots.

adentis pozycjonowalnie strony www

We have built a new strategy for SEO activities. We selected the most frequently searched terms related to the client’s offer and started advanced on-site optimization (changes in the website code) and off-site (link-building) so that our website was displayed as high as possible in Google’s organic results.


Summary of activities

25 thous.

The number of users who regularly visit the homepage of the practice every month.

+ 94 keywords

The number of keywords that are ranked in the top ten of Google's organic results.

+ 150 %

Increase in the number of phone calls to the office.

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Thanks for your vote once again!

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