The purpose of the campaign

Arousing great interest in the figure of Tomasz Chada among people who have not heard of the rapper before. Reaching the largest possible number of recipients from the target group with information about the film. Finally, to encourage as many people as possible to go to the cinema to see a movie.

Idea and actions

We started our activities a year before the premiere. We needed time to build awareness of the film among as many people as possible. Through regular and unconventional activities in social media, we built a large fan base that was faithful and curious about each subsequent publication related to the film.

nieszablonowe działania w social mediach

Creating dedicated materials for the actors who became the biggest influencers of the film worked well and engaged the audience.

In order to expand the target group, we went for the hearts of the ladies.

Most of the advertising materials were prepared for women to convince them that this is not only a film about the beginnings of hip-hop in Poland, but above all a turbulent story about romantic love and BAD BOY, with whom all of Poland will fall in love.

During the premiere weeks, the entire traffic was directed to a dedicated landing page, where you could easily go to the purchase of a screening at the cinema. The campaign was conducted in such a way as to fill the cinemas in even the smallest town as much as possible. When there were not many tickets sold in a given cinema, activities were carried out that significantly changed the number of people in the selected cinema hall.

strona www na której sprzedawane były bilety na film proceder

Summary of activities

8 mln

The campaign reached 8 million users.

540 thous.

The traffic we generated on the sales page.

705 thous.

The number of people who saw the movie in cinemas.

Thank you for your vote!

Thanks for your vote once again!

8 fajność tej realizacji!

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